Why Tree Trimming Is Important

Why Tree Trimming Is Important

Tree trimming is an effective way to maintain, shape, and cleanup trees surrounding your home. While this often results in a more beautiful appearance, it also helps protect your family as well as your home. Trimming helps maintain a tree’s health and longevity which means they are less likely to lose branches or fall down as a whole. There are serious repercussions to a tree falling near your home which could result in damage to your assets. According to the Department of Agriculture, trees need to be pruned first for safety, next for health and finally for aesthetics. Below is a list of each of these benefits.

  • Safety- Removing branches that may cause damage to property or people if they fall can be a primary reason for tree trimming.
  • Tree Health- Cutting dead or diseased branches may help benefit the overall health of the tree. In addition, pruning may also encourage trees to develop stronger core structures to help withstand elements.
  • Aesthetics- Trimming a tree may help accentuate the physical appearance of the tree and improve flower or fruit production.

How Often Should You Trim Your Trees?

It is suggested that pruning or tree trimming is done once per year during a dormant season. There are several circumstances such as the ones below that would prompt immediate tree trimming:

  • The growth obstructs visibility for pedestrians or vehicles
  • The tree’s growth may threaten your home or property. If you feel a tree needs to be pruned because it may cause damage to your home, it’s important to contact an arborist to discuss the trimming
  • With the Fall and Winter months quickly approaching, an additional safety consideration to make is for power lines that may stand around your property. Dead branches can get caught in wires and trees can fall on top of them, causing serious danger to your home as well as other homes in your neighborhood.

Overall, trees are constantly growing and evolving as seasons pass, ongoing care is essential to keeping everyone safe and  keeping your yard looking beautiful.