No two commercial properties are exactly alike. At Standpoint, we believe that having your back means setting you up with services that feel tailor-made for your company. From pre-loss inspections and policy review to post-loss construction and claim management, we don’t stop until we’ve handled every step.



We pride ourselves on the Standpoint Total Assessment Review (S.T.A.R.), our very own three-step process for assessing and gathering information about your property prior to a loss.
Property Inspection Doc & Monitoring
Before we do anything, we need to know everything about your commercial property. We gather pre-inspection data, claims history and maintenance records to determine the condition of your property prior to loss. From there, we’ll continue monitoring your property for natural disasters.
Insuranc Policy Review
What good is insurance if it doesn’t cover your needs? We dig deep to ensure your insurance policy is as effective and comprehensive as it can be before disaster strikes.
Custom Property Solutions Dev
We’re dedicated to personalizing our services to perfectly fit your commercial property. We provide in-house meteorology reports and active damage repair reports to determine how likely you are to incur loss from a disaster.


After a loss to your commercial property, our in-house team of project management professionals works directly with you to ensure that no detail falls through the cracks. And our network of experts helps connect you to the best in the business while keeping your costs low. More specifically, our team handles:

Damage Reporting
Once disaster strikes, we deploy our team of specialists to conduct a comprehensive damage assessment and report on your commercial property. This report will be the foundation for mitigation needs and next steps if damage has occurred.
Claims Process Mgmt
Believe it or not, but there’s an entire team of Standpoint professionals who actually like managing the claims process. From helping you file claims to ensuring the proper value based on the damage to your property, there’s not much these guys can’t do.
Licensed Public Adjuster Oversight
We partner with many licensed public adjusters, which means we’re fully prepared to oversee the claims adjustment process. We ensure you get the most for your loss.
Legal Consultation
We have an entire team of claims litigators and legal professionals on retainer to guarantee all claims and adjustment documentation is correct and compliant with state and federal law. In the unfortunate event that you have to take legal action, they are there to fight on your behalf.
Engineering Assessment
We partner with industry-certified engineers to ensure your commercial property restoration plan is up to code and structurally viable.
Contractor Selection & Estimate
We strive for perfection in everything we do, and we demand the same standards from the contractors with whom we partner. We create the estimates for restoration and we only work with state-licensed, thoroughly vetted architects and building contractors.
* Standpoint's Claims Advantage Network is a group of the best vetted experts in the field of large loss restoration. These services are at no additional cost to our clients.


Before we were Standpoint, many of us were construction and property management professionals. That’s good news for a few reasons; for starters, it means we recognize best-in-class construction and aim for industry-leading work in every project we take on. It also means we know how to navigate the ins and outs of commercial restoration from the first step, so you don’t have to. This includes (but is certainly not limited to):

Construction Mgmt
Our commitment to best-in-class construction work means we oversee everything, including: construction bids, quality control, government compliance, scheduling, inspections, invoicing review and warranty review.
Construction Services
More specifically, our background in construction and building means we’re qualified to handle your specific needs.


We pride ourselves on delivering totally customized service plans for your individual needs, and we don’t stop until the job is perfectly completed. That’s our promise. From HOA’s and property managers to real estate investment trusts, Standpoint partners with all types of commercial clients, such as:

Property Mgmt Companies
Commercial Property Owners
MultiFamily Property Owners
Real Estate Investment Trusts


At Standpoint, we deliver the absolute best in total restoration management. This is merely a sample of the services Standpoint can deliver to your business, both long-term and short-term.